“Life Story of Radion Chiaburu”

Life Story of Radion Chiaburu – PDF. format

Cover ChiaburuThis book contains the memories of Radion Chiaburu (b. 10 April 1920), from his childhood in Bessarabia to the royal school in the class of Prince Mihai to World War II and the communist period to his old age.

“I think that the memoirs of Mr. Radion Chiaburu are interesting in a way that would span outside the coutry because it shows an amazing destiny, telling the story of a Romanian peasant from Bessarabia who, for his qualities (intelligence and virtue), was selected in the royal class of Prince Heir Mihai of Romania at Bucharest. This moment of his biography strongly affected his ulterior life.

By translating this book we also tried to put Monarchy in a different light for those not having the tradition of Royality*, showing one of its advantages: that the future King is grown and educated to be Monarch.”

* Romania was a Kingdom between 1866 and 1948. The Republic was created by Soviets, the communist regime falling in 1989. Despite Romania remained a republic after 1990, there are some (including us) that consider restoring Royalty would be legitimate and in the benefit of the country.


About Tudor Vişan-Miu
Sunt un tanar cu preocupari intelectuale. Principalele mele domenii de interes: istoria, genealogia, memorialistica, literatura, lingvistica, economia, politica, filosofia, teologia. Legat de aceste domenii: cred ca istoria este o forma de a invata despre oameni, ca fiecare persoană are origini familiale ce merita aflate si ca "o viata capata mai mult sens atunci cand este scrisa". Iubesc cartile. Cred ca a scrie corect in propria limba este o dovada de patriotism (nu am putut-o face in acest profil deoarece Gravatarul nu accepta diacritice - n.m.). Am o viziune social-economica "de dreapta". Cred ca "treburile publice" sunt o chestiune de interes general, dincolo de "partea scandaloasa" ce prea adesea însoteste administrarea lor. In privinta formei de guvernamant a Romaniei, sunt sustinatorul unei monarhii constitutionale. Consider democratia si capitalismul cele mai bune sisteme inventate pana acum de catre om. Filosofic, ader la modernitatea clasica. Religios, sunt un crestin fundamentalist si conservator. ”Primeste deci darul meu, care ti-a fost adus, fiindca Dumnezeu m-a umplut de bunatati si am de toate” (Geneza, 33:11)

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