Memoriae at Austrian Junior Trade Fair (14-16 March 2014, Vienna) UPDATE! New photos

Echipa MemoriaeBetween 14-16 March 2014, the Memoriae Team (members: Tudor Vişan-Miu, Mihaela Duţă, Mihai Vişan-Miu; coordinator: Mr. Dorin Călin)  went to Vienna representing Romania – as the only team from our country – at the Austrian Junior Trade Fair – 15th edition, with the biographical services (Erinnerungsdienste).

We participated at the fair with a grant received as an award for winning the second prize (“Best product / service”) at the National Final of the Junior Achievement “The Company” programme in Romania, on 29 May 2013.

You can see photos on the Junior Enterprise Austria Facebook page.


The stand

On 15 March, we presented our service in Shopping Center Nord Wien (Ignaz Köck Straße 1) at stand no. 22.

The people passing by our stand received an explanation of our business idea, could take a free quote about family, history and family history, could have us draw them a genealogical tree and take a Romanian candy, Rom.

We held a stage presentation between 12:05 and 12:10, when we also got someone from the public to share a family story with us.

Stand table

A presentation of our service

What do we do? We gather elder person’s memories and write them into a book in a literary way.

How does it work? We estimate the total number of hours of work, we meet with the elder and gather his life experiences through interviews, then write them into a book in a literary format, edit the book, make a review with our client(s), then print it into at least three (3) copies of the book.

What novelty do they bring? Its a service through which young people can use their talent and abilities and make money out of it. We offer high quality books at a pretty accesible price. We make writing of memories more accesible for everyone.

Prezentare pe scenă

Cover Mircea Mitroi

Cover Maria MitroiCover ChiaburuWhat is its use? Based on the principle that “knowing from where you come, you better know who you are”, such books can add a bonus of identity; memorial books improve family relationships and help bridge the generation gap (between old and young); also, they have a significant educational role, improving the historical knowledge of young people and making them understand its importance.

You can read three life stories (Mircea Mitroi, Babushka, Radion Chiaburu) HERE.

Price: 100 Euros for the whole service, with 3 copies of the book.

Tudor and Mr. Călin

Special thanks

We thank Mr. Dorin Călin for the support given in clarifying some key aspects of our presentation.

We thank Simona Ritter for the translations of our promotional materials from English to Deutsch (German).

Technic check


About Tudor Vişan-Miu
Sunt un tanar cu preocupari intelectuale. Principalele mele domenii de interes: istoria, genealogia, memorialistica, literatura, lingvistica, economia, politica, filosofia, teologia. Legat de aceste domenii: cred ca istoria este o forma de a invata despre oameni, ca fiecare persoană are origini familiale ce merita aflate si ca "o viata capata mai mult sens atunci cand este scrisa". Iubesc cartile. Cred ca a scrie corect in propria limba este o dovada de patriotism (nu am putut-o face in acest profil deoarece Gravatarul nu accepta diacritice - n.m.). Am o viziune social-economica "de dreapta". Cred ca "treburile publice" sunt o chestiune de interes general, dincolo de "partea scandaloasa" ce prea adesea însoteste administrarea lor. In privinta formei de guvernamant a Romaniei, sunt sustinatorul unei monarhii constitutionale. Consider democratia si capitalismul cele mai bune sisteme inventate pana acum de catre om. Filosofic, ader la modernitatea clasica. Religios, sunt un crestin fundamentalist si conservator. ”Primeste deci darul meu, care ti-a fost adus, fiindca Dumnezeu m-a umplut de bunatati si am de toate” (Geneza, 33:11)

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